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Getting Started

STEP 1 - Create a Free Account

The Product Data Company (PD) is free to all Architects, Contractors, Engineers, and Building Owners. Your free account will never expire.
No credit card needed for registration and we won't sell your personal information.

STEP 2 - Create Project Folders

Login to your account and navigate to your Projects page by clicking your user name on the page header. Now click the 'Add Project' button and input your project description. It's free to create project folders and there is no limit to the number of project folders you can create.

STEP 3 - Add Products to Project

Once your Project Folders are created, you can search the PD Database to add products to your projects. There is also no limit to the number of products you can add. We allow you to group products by Spec Divisions so you can keep your folders orderly and navigate them quickly.

STEP 4 - Contact Manufacturers

Need more information about a product? Easily send messages to manufactures for a quick response. Our manufactures value your interest and will help you select the right product for your project.

Navigate to your Messages page by clicking your user name on the page header.

STEP 5 - Share Project Folder

Enter your Project Folders and use the 'Invite User' button to share your projects with friends and coworkers. Invite as many people as you like. You can also set permissions for each user to allow or prevent them from making changes to your Project Folders.

STEP 6 - Package Submittals

Simply put, construction submittals are packages PDF files that show the products to be used on a particular project. To create a submittal package, enter your Project Folder and select the product files that you would like to include in your submittal. Click the 'Generate Submittal' button and within seconds, your professionally packaged submittal will appear.


Only through teamwork, are the best results achieved. With this core belief, The Product Data Company is committed to developing new ways to leverage the power of teamwork.

Architects and Contractors can create free accounts, browse through the database to select products for their jobs, and create submittals with the click of a button. With your free account, you can also send product-related questions directly to the Product Manufacturer and invite friends to collaborate on your projects.


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